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We don't train, we transform

Tranform8 is a revolutionary platform for transformations which provides tools and experts to support individuals and corporations to unleash their potential. By looking deeper into the neuroscience and human psychology, we accurately identify goals and facilitate powerful breakthroughs for change.

Dive Deeper, Reach Higher.

Individual Transformations

Shift habits and achieve your dreams

Corporate Transformations

Build mindsets that create results

What we do

One of the most important aspects of a thriving team is a powerful mindset and a strong focus on teamwork. By building confidence, compassion, and awareness, we support this growth and create high-energy environments with reduced sick leave and improved productivity. That's right: reduced sick leave and improved productivity! Stress and anxiety are key factors behind absenteeism and interrupted focus and is often a biproduct of a negative team environment. By building strong teams who support each other and work well together we reduce stress, improve wellbeing, happiness and business results through productivity and focus. Thriving teams are also the backbone of talent retention which lets you outshine your competition and keep hold of your top performers. Different teams need different support. Our T8 diagnostic process helps identify your exacting needs before selecting the development program that will yield maximum results.

Once the right environment has been created everything can flourish. T8 focuses on supporting you to develop the mindset that is necessary to create the change you seek, to identify your goals and to create a roadmap to achieve them. Reducing stress is often a starting point as it helps to improve energy, focus, and overall wellbeing. This is a desired place from which we can create conscious relationships at home, in our communities and at work. Work with your Transformational Expert whether your goal is to fast track your career and financial goals or to balance your weight and get fit. Dive deeper, reach higher.

One-On-One and Team Coaching

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what we DO! The Video that explains it all
Our transformations focus on

Human Dimensions

Living a happy, healthy and successful life stretches over many areas of our wellbeing including the mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, environmental and professional fields. At Transform8 we support all these areas for true life enhancement.

We help Individual & Corporates

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Start your transformation today with a T8 quote. We are happy to arrange an introductory meeting to discuss your needs and our service in more detail.

Core Values

Living a happy, healthy and successful life encompasses many human dimensions, including the mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, financial, environmental and professional. At Transform8 we support all these elements for authentic life enhancement.

"I believe that continual transformation and the search for growth is a natural human state; curiosity and creativity for what can be is what drives us forward.

I want everyone to have access to the tools and knowledge to take their own transformation to the next level. A thriving individual leads to thriving teams, thriving communities and a thriving world."

- Maria Haggo, Founder & CEO Tranform8 by LMW

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